Cake dipped in Chocolate (Cake pops)

Follow Me on PinterestCake dipped in Chocolate (Cake pops)

So here you see cake pops but this is the first time i have ever made it this way i usually cook the cake then put it through my food processor and add frosting to it and model the shapes and sizes from there.

So to make these you need a standard cake box mix and you follow the instructions from that.. I would suggest that you buy a cake mix with frosting so you can just add that instead of making your own and they will taste amazing!

You will also need a packet of easy melting chocolate (White, Dark or Milk) i would suggest that you buy a good quality one only because the others may take a while to dry.

Sprinkles, food colouring and lollypop sticks

Step 1. To bake the cake
Step 2. Let the cake cool for at least 1-3 hours
Step 3. Trim the dome off the cake
Step 4. Get the cookie cutter that you want and cut the cake out.
Step 5. Melt some chocolate and punch through the lollypop sticks, cover the cake pops and put in the freezer for about 30 mins to toughen up the chocolate
Step 6. Decorate and have lots of fun.


Lots of LOVE

Julia xx


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